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Nichole helped me find and purchase my first home. As a first time buyer she was not only my advocate in the buying process, but supportive of me during the entire process. Nichole is extremely knowledgeable in her field and goes above and beyond for her... (more)


As a first time home buyer, I was very impatient, excited, nervous, and eager to purchase. I wanted the house that felt like 'home' when I walked through the door. Nichole spent countless hours over the course of 4 months looking into property after property.... (more)


First time home buyer here, ran into some last minute dilemmas but with the help of Nichole she made some phone calls and made things happen. She has excellent availability and goes above and beyond working hours to accommodate someone like myself with a 3-11... (more)

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Nichole Sliney Realty Team - Make sure your kitchen is ready to 'wow' potential buyers. Remove fingerprints from stainless steel, and run a lemon through the garbage disposal to remove bad odors!

20 hours ago

Nichole Sliney Realty Team - Hiring a team of professional painters to paint the interior of your home can cost more than $2000! If you are trying to save money, these tips can help you paint any room like a pro!

2 days ago

Nichole Sliney Realty Team - From property taxes to renewable-energy tax credits, make sure you take advantage of these homeowner tax breaks:

3 days ago

Nichole Sliney Realty Team - Bathrooms can be a deal breaker for many buyers. Make sure yours is staged to perfection: 1. Hide the plunger or stack of magazines 2. Display a few fluffy white towels in a wooden basket 3. Make sure there are no leaks or dripping faucets

4 days ago